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Flour Milling Complex


Operating flour milling complex with transshipment capacity for sale.

The nearest port – Iliychevsk port (10 km).
Total area land plot – 2,18 ha.

Used equipment grain cleaning and conditioning contains a vibrating sieve, a wind cleaner, a destoner and a vibro-humidifier, suitable for both hard and soft wheat, switching from hard to soft wheat is extremely simple and flexible.
The grinding diagram for flour mills consists of: standard mill frames, rectangular plan sifters and rotary homogenising sieves. The fineness of the grind of an installation can be easily modified during operation by changing the position of the valve boxes.

Description of Milling Complex:

  • Origin Milling Equipment – «Ottevanger Milling Engeneers B.V.»
  • Capacity of Milling – 35 mt/day;
  • Linear Elevator – 12,000 tons;
  • Equipment for container loading – 750 tons/day;
  • Equipment for loading railway wagons – 500 tons/day;
  • Certified laboratory;
  • Car scales: 18 m – 60 tons; 10 m – 30 tons.

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