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Mobile Operator


The company is one of the top mobile phone network, it is providing services wireless telephony and wireless internet throughout Ukraine with the number of more than 10 millions subscribers, also have a license for fixed connection and international roaming. Subscribers of the company (contract and prepaid) receive all basic services (mobile telephony, mobile internet, SMS, international calls, roaming, etc.), but of much higher quality, along with brand new services, including entertainment and business services, telemetry, marketing and monitoring, gateway, VoIP, lease of channels, fixed unlimited internet. The company provides roaming opportunities through roaming partners. Subscribers are receive services in the exclusive stores, branded points of sale, as well as receive professional help and advice in customer service centers. The company’s network covers more than 90% of the territory by population.

Some preliminary figures of the company:

  • Minutes of usage per unit per month “MoU”: more 150.0 minutes;
  • Average revenue per unit per month “ARPU”: more 3.0 USD;
  • Income of the company: more 100,000,000.00 USD;
  • EBITDA: 30%

Project Details

  • Proposal: For Sale
  • Region: Ukraine
  • Stage: Growth Stage
  • Additional Conditions: Price by Request
  • Investment Proposal: majority share (more than 50% of business)
  • Payback Period: more than 5 years

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