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Virtual business assistant

Business in Ukraine wanted to introduce you to our virtual business assistant services. Our managers help entrepreneurs, professionals, and small business owners generate more revenue without them having to put all their own time into it. We can handle all your online marketing, and also provide you with ministrative/accounting /bookkeeping/ QuickBooks andother virtual services. Our virtual business assistants are from the Ukraine, are fluent in English with little to no accent, and available to provide you services for as low as $20/hr-$45/hr depending on skills and experience. We have packages to fit any budget. Unlike other virtual business assistant service providers, our services are managed by our team (Project Manager, Operations Manager, Business Manager, HR Team, and Client Reps) to help ensure they are on time, on task, reliable, and doing their work. We manage the payroll, attendance, and productivity via screen captures to ensure the virtual business assistant is working on the tasks you have designated him/her to complete. We also have an A Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Our services can help with:

  • Open business in Ukraine
  • Doing business in Ukraine
  • Stay in ukraine
  • Invest in ukraine
  • Marketing in ukraine
  • Online marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Social Media, SEO, YouTube, PPC ads, -Craigslist, etc.)
  • Lead generation • Paperwork, admin tasks, accounting, bookkeeping, writing/blogging
  • Create a website for you, improve your website, get your website to higher Google page ranking (thru search engine optimization and search engine marketing)
  • Various other tasks

We waiting for you regust.

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