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Project of Agricultural Complex


The project of development of an complex agricultural involves growing programs of technical, grain and oil-bearing crops with application of new progressive farming technologies with the subsequent processing at an own enterprises, as well as its placing at the internal and external markets.

Total area of land – 20,000 ha

Annual Capacity – not less than 100,000 mt of final products.

Facilities of processing production:

  • Creamery;
  • Bio-factory.

Processing of products of related to main production:

  • production of animal feed;
  • flour milling;
  • production of cereals and pasta.

Production of animal products – meat and milk on based on own feed.

Project Details

  • Proposal: Attracting Finance / Investment; Joint Venture / private partnership
  • Region: Zaporizhzhya Region
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Required investment amount ($): 172 000 000
  • Investment Proposal: Equity participation
  • Payback Period: more than 5 years

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