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Project of Production Complex full cycle


Production agriultural complex for projected.

Total area of land – 20,000 ha

The project of development of a complex agricultural involves growing programs of technical, grain and oil-bearing crops with application of new progressive farming technologies with the subsequent processing at an own enterprises, as well as its placing at the internal and external markets.

Annual Capacity – not less than 100,000 mt of final products.

Facilities of processing production:

  • Creamery;
  • Bio-factory.

Processing of products of related to main production:

  • production of animal feed;
  • flour milling;
  • production of cereals and pasta.

Production of animal products – meat and milk on based on own feed.

Project Details

  • Proposal: Attracting Finance / Investment; Joint Venture / private partnership
  • Region: Zaporizhzhya Region
  • Stage: Startup Stage
  • Required investment amount ($): 172 000 000
  • Investment Proposal: Joint venture
  • Payback Period: more than 5 years

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