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The Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine has approved measures to improve Ukraine's position in the ranking of Doing Business.

The Cabinet of Ministry of Ukraine has approved measures to improve Ukraine’s position in the ranking of Doing Business.

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The Government has approved measures to improve the rating of Ukraine in areas such as investor protection, settlement of the question of insolvency, local power, dealing with construction permits, registering property, international trade and taxation
The Cabinet of ministry of Ukraine has approved the list of measures in 2016, the implementation of which is aimed at improving the position of Ukraine in the ranking of ease of doing business (Doing Business) of the World Bank.

The registration of the enterprises of the Ministry of Justice commissioned to create a registration service entities via the Internet within 24 hours to introduce registration of the payer of value added tax at the same time with the registration of legal entities.

As part of the enforcement of contracts is planned to reduce the time and costs of enforcement of the court decision to introduce a simplified mechanism for the consideration of cases on monetary claims insignificant size, expand opportunities for alternative dispute resolution.

To improve the position of lending Cabinet plans to develop a bill that would provide an opportunity to transmit confidence to the lender by the borrower ownership of the property to ensure compliance with the requirements of the lender (the ownership returned to the debtor after obligations to the lender). The Cabinet also plans to implement the provision of real-time free access to the State Register of Encumbrances of movable property, and to set clear time limits for a moratorium on satisfaction of creditors in bankruptcy proceedings.

As reported, Ukraine for the year rose from 87th to 83rd place in the ranking of Doing Business-2016.

In December 2015 the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine has developed a plan of 27 steps for the country in 2016 to 46th place in the ranking of Doing Business.

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