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Registration of a company in Ukraine

Business in Ukraine provides all the necessary instruments and opportunities for registration of a company in Ukraine, such as : Translation of Documents, Legalization of the founders documents, Notarization of documents, Registration of legal entity as a subject of legal relations at the Registration Office, Development of statutory documents of the company that will meet all the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, Opening bank accounts, creation of stamp \ seal of company, virtual legal address and other action for\after registration.

All businesses shall be officially registered by the Registrar at the place of residence of a business entity. Also it involves registering in tax authorities, the statistic offices and various pension and social funds. If the owner is a foreign legal entity, an extract from the trade, bank or court register must be produced to certify registration of the investor in the country of origin. Also, a company charter and a power of attorney (proxy), specifying formation of business, for the individual who will represent the company in Ukraine are recommended. These documents must be duly approved according to legislation of the country of issue, translated into Ukrainian and legalized abroad. If the owner of the LLC is a foreign individual, such person has to obtain a Ukrainian identification code. This procedure can take about 10 days. The procedure for setting up a Ukrainian company, including the preparation of documents and contribution of funds to the company’s authorized capital, takes around one month.

1) Register at the Registration Office

Founders must submit the following documents when registering at the Registration Office:

– The charter (two copies);

– Minutes of founders’ meeting;

– Application form (registration card);

– Bank document, evidencing payment of registration fee;

2) Register at the State Statistics Committee

3) Register VAT at the State Tax Authority and obtain a VAT number

4) Preparation of a Company seal

5) Opening a bank account.

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Company Registration in Ukraine

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