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Agricultural Complex 40,000 ha


Operating agricultural business in form of holding for sale.

Main activities: growing cereals and technical crops; storage of grain; livestock.

Description of activity, capacity and assets:

  • total area of lands – more 40,000 ha;
  • productivity of winter wheat – more 6,0 tons per ha;
  • main crops – maize\corn (7,5 tons per ha), wheat (7,4 tons per ha), sunflower (2,6 tons per ha), canola (3,5 tons per ha);
  • storage capacity – more 200,000 tons – elevators\silos are equipped with modern facilities to store;
  • staff – more 700 persons;
  • high-quality agricultural machinery, which provides a full cycle of agricultural work – more 150 units – harrows, preseeding combined aggregates, cultivators, seeders, spreaders of mineral and organic fertilizers, sprayers, harvesters and trailers for harvesting the crop, trucks and tractors, etc.;
  • applying luxury seeds of first reproduction and high-quality means for plant protection.

Independent M&A Advisory Team is available for perform request.

Project Details

  • Proposal: For Sale
  • Region: Vinnytsya Region
  • Stage: Growth Stage
  • Additional Conditions: Price by Request
  • Investment Proposal: majority share (more than 50% of business)
  • Payback Period: from 3 to 5 years

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