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Agricultural Land (Agricultural Farm) 24,000 ha


The total area of agricultural land is 24,000 hectares, including the area of land under cultivation – 16,000 hectares.

The average fertility of the soil of agricultural land:
– Humus – 2,2-4,0;
– Nitrogen – 30-50;
– Potassium – 540-810;
– Phosphorus – 30-70.

Soils are light brown slightly alkaline, saline soils in the complex (10-30%).

Priority crops are cereals – winter wheat, winter barley and winter rye, and industrial crops – corn, mustard, soy.

Agricultural farm has good storage facilities for storage of products, each with a capacity up to 20 000 tonnes of cereals.

Agricultural farm has a sufficient amount of equipment required for processing of agricultural land: tractor, harvester, excavator, grain throwers, tillers, harrows, fertilizer spreaders, seeders, etc.

Characteristic of agricultural land location:
– from populated areas – 15 km;
– from the elevator – 50 km;
– the railway – 25 km.

The agricultural farm has the agricultural land and the functioning agricultural complex. Activity agricultural complex aimed at cultivation of crop and livestock production, its processing in order to further its implementation for profit and expansion.

Specialization of the agricultural farm – crops and sheep breeding.

Livestock farming comprises:
– sheep – 1,000 head of sheep;
– fish breeding – 600 interconnected lakes (all filled with fish).

The agricultural farm includes: a sewing shop, current cereal, sausage shop, storage of fuels and lubricants, churn, machine yard, office building.

On the territory of the agricultural land a bakery (with capacity up to 1 ton of grain per day), the pasta shop, mill, sheller, pantries, storage products are also located.

Agricultural sector has good storage facilities for storage of products, each with a capacity up to 20 000 tonnes of cereals.

All the property is in good condition, used as intended.

Project Details

  • Proposal: For Sale
  • Region: Kherson Region
  • Stage: Growth Stage
  • Cost($): 20 000 000
  • Additional Conditions: Haggle
  • Investment Proposal: Sale of 100% corporate rights
  • Payback Period: more than 5 years

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