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Biohumus Production


Project of Biohumus (Vermicompost) production is based on the processing of organic waste (of any kind) by Red Californian Worm.

The result of the plant for production of biohumus is the following kinds of finished products:

  • biohumus;
  • worm.

Annual production capacity of the plant for production of biohumus:

  • biohumus- 30 million liters;
  • california red worm – 15 million kg

Use of biohumuslets achieves the following results:

  • Increase of the yield of agricultural production at a lower cost for expensive chemical fertilizers and pesticides;
  • improving the quality and increase of keeping period of agricultural products;
  • ecologically clean agricultural products;
  • increase of percentage of healthy plants;
  • waste-free and profitable agricultural production.

The land area under the plant for production of biohumus is 2,0 ha.
It is planned to rent additionally 5,7 ha.

On the territory of the land for the plant for production of biohumus warehouse and industrial premises, office complex, boiler room, dining room are located, and there is a railway line close to the object.

Profitability – 26.9%

Project Details

  • Proposal: Attracting Finance / Investment; Joint Venture / private partnership
  • Region: Dnipropetrovs'k Region
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Required investment amount ($): 324 000 000
  • Investment Proposal: Equity participation
  • Payback Period: from 3 to 5 years

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