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Land Plot 4.6ha for Sale, Lviv region, UA


The land plot for Sale

Location – Lviv region – the territory of Lviv United Territorial Communities

The area of the land plot – 4.6869 ha

Land status – private property

Target purpose of the land plot – 03.15 – for the construction and maintenance of other public buildings, for the construction and maintenance of commercial and office premises.

Territorial characteristics of the land plot:
o distance from the border of Lviv city – 3 km;
o distance from the projected Northern Bypass of Lviv city – 4 km;
o north side – Kozhichi village;
o southern side – plot of land used by the national railway;
o western side – boundaries of the planned residential district;
o eastern side – the highway of territorial significance T1414;
o location of the facilities nearby – trade objects ATB, M10, restaurant & tourist complex.

The cadastral number is available upon request.

The investment attractiveness of land plot lies in multifunctional commercial purposes and logistical connections.

Project Details

  • Proposal: For Sale
  • Region: Lviv Region
  • Stage: Seed Stage
  • Cost($): 2 500 000
  • Investment Proposal: Sale of 100% corporate rights
  • Payback Period: more than 5 years

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