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Marine Transshipping and Warehouse Complex for sale

  • Marine Transshipping and Warehouse Complex

    Marine Transshipping and Warehouse Complex

Corporate rights of company owning Marine Transshipping and Warehouse Complex are offered for sale.

The company is specialized in rendering services of accepting, processing (drying and clearing), storing and dispatching crops for export including performing forwarding and customs registration for export operations.

Terminal is a transshipping and warehouse complex of crops cargoes with berth having close manufacturing cycle from acceptance of crops from truck and railway transport to loading it to the ship.

Terminal is located in the water area of Black Sea ports, the most deep water port of Ukraine.

Terminal is located in industrial area and not constricted with residential construction of communities which allows freely accumulate and accept cargo traffic and perform dispatch as well as gives the opportunity for further development of Terminal.

Designed capacity of the operating Terminal is 2 mln tons annually. It was put into operation in 2009.

Production facilities

Terminal has:

  • Grain depot with 20 reservoirs enabling storage of 126.000 tons of grain at the same time;
  • Railway transport unloading station capable to unload 95 carriages/24 hours;
  • 2 truck unloading stations each including 3 truck dumping machines, capable to accept 300 trucks/24 hours;
  • berth of 280 meters with moorage wall depth of 15 m enabling to accept all types of vessels including Capesize;
  • ship loading machine with the loading speed of 1200 tons/hour enabling loading to ship of up to 20.000 tons per 24 hours;
  • grain clearing and drying facilities;
  • truck and railway strain-gage balance;
  • certified laboratory;
  • crowding pen for accepting trucks.

Plot of land with the area of 18 ha where the Terminal is located was leased out to the company for the period of 49 years.

This plot of land has a territory free from construction to be used for further development of Terminal.

Development perspectives

As of today the second stage designing of Terminal assuming development on the allocated plot of land is totally accomplished.

The second state construction includes:

  • construction of grain storage section of simultaneous storage of 218 040 m3 which will increase the total volume of simultaneous storage up to 300 000 thousand tons;
  • construction of additional carriage unloading stations which will increase the total capacity up to 250 carriage/24 hours.
  • construction of truck unloading station of two truck tippers with the capacity of receiver line of 500 t/hour. Construction of additional TUS will help to increase total capacity of complex up to 500 truck/24 hours;
  • construction of additional gallery to berth, capacity of 1200 tons/hour and installation of additional ship loading machine, capacity of 1200 tons/hour on the existing berth.

Implementation of project will help to ensure simultaneous accumulation of 3-4 panamax shiploads of different grains nomenclature and will increase the shipload volume up to 120.000-150.000 tons.

After putting the second stage into exploitation the designed capacity of Terminal will increase up to 4,5 mln tons/year.

Project Details

  • Proposal: For Sale
  • Region: Ukraine
  • Stage: Growth Stage
  • Additional Conditions: Price by Request
  • Investment Proposal: Sale of 100% corporate rights
  • Payback Period: from 1 to 3 years

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