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Property for sale Oil Processing complex


Property for sale – Oil Processing complex. Price 3 400 000 USD 

(pilot plant for the processing of polymer waste into an alternative fuel)

Nonprofit business, sale only property and equipment!!!

Location – Kyiv region
Land area – more 7 ha
Characteristics of location (infrastructure facilities) – asphalted access road; about 600 m to own access railway line (simultaneous reception of 5 railway tanks); artesian well; distance to the railway station – 500 m; fire tanks; truck scales – 10 tons; transformer substation.
Total Production Area – more 4,000 sq.m
Characteristics of commercial areas:
Ownership status – private
Permitting specialized documentation

(1) Hydrocarbon processing area (oil, gas condensate)
(technological scheme allows to process oil, gas condensate and their mixtures)
Commissioning status – from 2007
Current status – an operating plant
Hydrocarbon processing capacity – more 30K tons per year
Output of finished products (depends on raw material):
~ 20% gasoline component; ~ 45% diesel fuel component; ~ 35% fuel oil.
Management control – automatic, with video surveillance.
The opportunity of development – add completing the vacuum column.

Storage capacity of raw materials (oil, gas condensate) – 3,000 cub.m
Reception of raw materials – vehicles and railway tanks.
Storage capacity of products (gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil) – 2,250 cub.m
Issuance of the products – vehicles and railway tanks (automatic loading rack for 5 points issuing product).

Pumping station – 10 units.
Cavitation installation – 6 cub.m per hour
Laboratory facilities

(2) Polymer waste processing area
Mission – recycling waste polymers into alternative fuels
Commissioning status – completed construction and installation works
Equipment of area:
(2.1) Polymer raw material preparation unit
Mission – primary processing of polymer raw materials: sorting (stock storage – 19 cub.m), crushing (Turkey origin), washing, drying.
Capacity – 24 tons per day.
Stocks storage of polymer waste – more 1,000 tons
(2.2) Cracking unit
Mission – processing of polymer raw materials into hydrocarbon raw materials: melting (extruder), depolymeralization, cracking, production of hydrocarbons.
Thermal cracking temperature – up to 550˚С.
Capacity – 12 tons per day.

Each equipment node can work autonomously independently of each other performing its own task, as well as complement and carry out a common task.

Project Details

  • Proposal: For Sale
  • Region: Kyiv Region
  • Stage: Expansion Stage
  • Cost($): 3 400 000
  • Additional Conditions: Haggle
  • Investment Proposal: Sale
  • Payback Period: from 3 to 5 years

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