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Wood Industrial complex for sale and development


Wood Industrial complex for sale (Share for sale – 71%) and development, which includes production lines equipped with modern equipment to optimize production costs and meet high UA and EU standards of quality and environmental safety.

Location – Khmelnytskyi region

Production of Glued Bar – more 3,500 cub.m/year
Production of Furniture Shield – more 3,500 cub.m/year
Another assortment – Parquet board, Wooden stairs, Furniture, Terrace and facade board
Raw materials – oak, ash, beech, elm

Land Area – more 150,000 sq.m
Total Production Area – more 27,000 sq.m
Drying Complex Area – 900 cub.m

Short List of Equipment:
Sawing machines, preparatory workshop
– Band saw, Saw Primultint,
– Multi-saw machines, Double-sided planing machines,
– Universal circular saw machine, Trimming machines,
– Line Optimization, Other machines;
Four-sided machines, furniture board workshop
– Four-sided machines (9 units);
Splicing equipment, furniture board workshop
– Splice line along the length (2 units),
– Mill for longitudinal gluing,
– Tenoning machines, Trimming machine;
Mills for production of a board\shield, furniture board workshop
Calibration and grinding machines, furniture board workshop
Equipment for the production of floorboards
Equipment for furniture products workshop
Wood heating workshop equipment
Mechanical workshop equipment
Transport workshop\department

Share for sale – 71%

Project Details

  • Proposal: Attracting Finance / Investment; For Sale; Joint Venture / private partnership
  • Region: Khmelnytsky Region
  • Stage: Expansion Stage
  • Cost($): 4 000 000
  • Additional Conditions: Price by Request; Haggle
  • Investment Proposal: majority share (more than 50% of business)
  • Payback Period: from 3 to 5 years

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