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Local budgets in 2017 increased by one third.

Local budgets in 2017 increased by one third.

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The Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman said that for 4 months of 2017 local budgets increased by almost 35% due to decentralization.

Due to decentralization, local budgets increased by 34.9%. “Decentralization is valid – for the first four months of 2017, local budgets increased by 14.5 billion UAH,” Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said.
The Prime Minister added that experts note higher growth rates of income in the united territorial communities. “The fact that now there are resources on the ground to solve pressing local problems is a good trend, of course, it takes time to solve all the problems that have accumulated over many years of total disregard for local self-government problems, but in many cities and villages, Will happen every year more and more, “- summed Groysman.
The largest additional volume of funds (in absolute terms) was sent to the cities of regional importance, where half of the payment for land, the excise tax on retail sales, and the personal income tax (NDFL) remain. Thus, cities of regional importance received an additional 8.3 billion UAH, and in 2015 their incomes amounted to 48.6 billion UAH. A significant part of these revenues so far is deposited in banks.

On average, the revenues of district budgets grew faster, where the bulk of personal income tax remained. At the district level, revenues increased by 47.7% y / y (4.8 billion UAH) and reached 14.7 billion UAH. In the year 2015.

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